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What we offer

Maintaining your heavy equipment is within our expert capabilities. We offer a wide range of services that include rebuilding hydraulic cylinders and reseals to mine site specification fitting out. Now maximize the efficiency and output of your earthmoving assets at your disposal. With our heavy equipment services and repair services, you can achieve peak performance and reduce the likelihood of failures.

We are experts in heavy equipment repair services in Perth and vehicles that are run on diesel, including excavators, wheeled excavators, small excavators, dump trucks, graders, rollers, backhoes, bobcats, scrappers, bulldozers, drott-crawler loaders, screeners/ crushers, recycling equipment, farming equipment, asphalt equipment, mulchers and chippers, generators, water pumps, etc. Our services range from repair and corrective maintenance.

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Why hire us?

We understand that the efficient operation of your machinery is essential to the success of your company, so it is vital that you invest in preventative maintenance for your construction fleet. Even a day’s delay can lead to schedules getting delayed and incur a loss in revenue for you. Investing in our service will benefit you greatly. In addition to extending the life of the equipment and improving its total value, preventative maintenance enables businesses to adhere to environmental regulations and warranty assurance standards more easily. The heavy equipment repair and service plans provided by HI Plant Services are fully customizable, guarantee response times from our service professionals as well as include maintenance charges that are within your budget.

Our Expertise

You can rely on HI Plant Services to get you out of just about any jam, regardless of whether your heavy vehicle is damaged, malfunctioning, faulty, disabled, or derelict. All our team is certified and licensed to carry out almost any heavy equipment repairs.

We offer a plethora of services. Some of our specialty services include –

  • Repacking and refurbishing your hydraulic fittings
  • modifications to existing structures to meet mining site requirements