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What is Recertification of Licensed Plant Equipment?

The goal of re-registering your licensed plant equipment is to verify that a qualified individual has inspected it and that it may be operated without risk. The individual who is in charge of managing or controlling the plant is the one who is accountable for ensuring that all registrable plant machinery is properly registered.

Working with plant equipment like cranes and lifts can put workers at risk of serious injury or even death. Because of this, the person who manages or is in charge of certain pieces of plant machinery, such as the owner or lessee, is required to register these items. As time passes, your machinery goes through wear and tear. You need regular check-ups to ensure that the equipment is safe to use and will not cause any injury due to its age.

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Why is recertification of Licensed Plant Equipment important?

You are well aware that you are not permitted to utilise registered plant machinery that does not have a valid registration certificate at the time of use. There could be several reasons that you could have forgotten to renew or relicense the machinery. This could not only create delays in your project timeline but also cause a loss of revenue for you. You would not be able to use the machinery or permit another person to utilize the same without the correct documentation. Each year, prior to the day that your registration is set to expire, you are required to renew it. If you don’t, you won’t be able to utilize the plant item.

Equipment that we specialise in relicensing

We deal with all varieties of EWPs, scissor lifts, and Hiabs that undergo comprehensive inspections and rebuilds every ten years. In addition to that, we can also provide small as well as thorough inspections on any heavy plant machinery.