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Water Carts for Hire in Perth WA

HI Plant Services offers water carts to hire for construction and mining sites in Perth and Western Australia. Our water carts are equipped with a range of features including remote water cannon, gravity-fed dribble bar, and self-filling capability, making them ideal for dust suppression, compaction, and water delivery applications. Our fleet includes water carts with a capacity ranging from 6,000 to 28,000 litres, suitable for projects of varying scales. We ensure that all our water carts are well-maintained, serviced and ready for use, providing our clients with reliable and efficient solutions to their water cart requirements. Contact us today to hire a water cart and experience our high-quality plant hire services.

Dinosaur Water Cart Hire

Dinosaur water carts are specialised water-carrying machines used in a variety of mining, farming, construction, and fire control operations

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6 Wheel Water Cart Hire

Our 6 wheel water carts are designed to carry large amounts of water to your site quickly and safely.

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Moxy 30T Water Cart Hire

Our Moxy water cart is equipped with advanced features and technology, making it ideal for a range of applications.

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Moxy 40T Water Cart Hire

With advanced features and technology, our Moxy 40T water cart is the perfect solution for a range of applications.

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Semi Water Cart Hire

When it comes to transporting large amounts of water for your construction or mining project, a semi water cart is the perfect solution.

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